I know, I was supposed to get to this post earlier but life gets in the way sometimes and I’ll write more about that later!

As I wrote about in my last post, I’m on the path to minimalism. I’ve been going through all my items over the past week and paring down my possessions. Here’s kind of a break down of what I had packed away:

  • 3 boxes, 1 hamper, and a whole dresser of clothes
  • 1 crate of books
  • 1 box of shoes
  • 1 bag of scarves and accessories
  • 1 jewelry box
  • 2 cloth bags of yarn
  • 1 bag of craft supplies
  • 1 crate of electronic supplies
  • 1 small box of decorations and knick-knacks
  • 1 box of miscellaneous items
  • 1 small crate with kitchen supplies
  • 3 instruments
  • 1 crate of school supplies
  • 1 box of bedding material

It doesn’t seem like that much listed out neatly like this, but trust me, I needed the full week to go through it all. Honestly, I was expecting more than I found, but what shocked me was how unevenly balanced my objects were. I have no idea why I had that much clothing, and I had gotten rid of a lot of stuff before I left school. In comparison, I really only had one box and a few bags of physical items, and these were easily consolidated. So now, my list of belonging looks more like this:

  • 1 box and 1 hamper of clothing
  • books listed to be purchased when they can be afforded on kindle
  • 5 pairs of shoes
  • 5 scarves and 2 belts
  • 1 jewelry box
  • 2 sketch books and 1 pouch of drawing supplies
  • 1 crate of electronics
  • kitchen supplies
  • 3 instruments
  • 1 crate of school supplies
  • 1 box of bedding material

Conversely, this list doesn’t seem to be shortened by very much, but looking at the items all packed and ready to go back to college in a month, it is a very noticeable difference. I plan to go through my jewelry this week as well so that’s more consolidating to be done. I was inspired and motivated throughout this project by reading from the website of Colin Wright, The Exile Lifestyle. Colin travels to a different country every four months with approximately 50 items in a carry on bag. His writings are very insightful into the minimalist ideal and living life to the fullest. It’s definitely worth the read!

My journey to minimalism isn’t solely external, as I want these ideals to be internalized as well. So while it may seem like, “Wow, I got rid of all my stuff, where’s my minimalist badge?” that is only half of the process to living a more meaningful life through minimalism. I still have a ways to go!


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