Hello From Out Here

It’s been a while since I’ve shouted into the blank void that seems to be the internet sometimes, but here I am, preparing to yell a little bit.

So yeah.

It’s been a few months since I’ve written on this blog. Coming back and looking at this, it reminds me of the multitude of journals I would get as a child, promising to write in daily. When I’d find them years later I was so excited to reminisce on what I had been thinking, but upon opening them I found out I only wrote on two pages, max. I don’t want this little space of mine to be like that. So I’m going to take up the proverbial pen again.

I have a year of college under my belt, and while I can say it was worth all of the sacrifice I made this year, I can honestly state that I have never had a year that has left me as mentally, physically, and emotionally beat up as this one. I have some major scars to work through and I made a lot of backwards progress since my last post, but that’s what this blog was for me, a method of healing.

I got a part-time job for the summer and boy, don’t I love working for the soul-crushing grindstone that can be Capitalism! It’s made me take a big step back and evaluate exactly what I plan to do as far as a career goes and how I plan to achieve that.

I’ve become a huge poetry consumer, and I mean consume. I’ve been eating up poetry book after poetry book, and I’m convinced it is once of the best ways to soothe the soul. Let’s hope it will improve my writing, for both of our sakes!

Last but most certainly not least, I am altering how I live my day to day life in a pretty drastic way. I’ll be starting a series documenting my process as a convert my method of living to something I hope will bring a little more clarity and meaning to my life.

So stick around if you want to read about the tragically comical happenings of one more teenager coming to terms with “the real world.”


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