8 Albums That Should Be On Your Radar

I’ve been listening to some new bands and albums and I want to share some of my favorite songs!

I LOVE Fall Out Boy, from early to re-emerging to their new album! They’ve come back from hiatus stronger than ever with an incredible new sound that promises many more heart-stopping hits for the future! Now if only My Chemical Romance would take the hit and come back from their “break up”!

Imagine Dragons recently released their new album Smoke + Mirrors. Critics were skeptical that it would live up to the records that their last album Night Visions set, but it is on track to compete well with it, if not over shadow the last album. This song reflects the more mellow, rounded out sound that Imagine Dragons put on their newest album, and I like it because it is helping me to get through the “last month of winter blues.”

Meghan Trainor’s first full album, Title is full of gorgeous harmonies, upbeat melodies and her ever present sass. But this song, Bang Dem Sticks, is a show stopper. Meghan may look like the Girl Next Door, but she more than proves she can compete with the best of them.

If Sam Smith’s soulful voice doesn’t reach into your heart and make you want to cry no matter how happy the song, congratulations, you officially are a rock with no emotions. His album, In The Lonely Hour, showcases his incredible talent and superb artistic capabilities. Another favorite of mine from this album is Good Thing, and it is more than worth a listen.

I’m hesitant of anything with Kanye’s name in the title, but this song is a wonderful combination of some amazingly talented people! It’s the perfect song for starting your day with a smile that will beat your enemies with the joy of a thousand suns.

Speaking of the joy of a thousand suns, this song is guaranteed to bring you a smile that will rip through your cheeks and leave you a pool of sunshine and rainbows. No, but really this is the cutest song and always leaves me stupidly happy.

Taylor Swift has moved far away from her “write a song about every boy I’ve dated” phase and has shown herself to be a capable musician. Plus she is a goddess so there’s that.

The Coup de Grace is Bastille’s newest album, Bastille VS Other People’s Heartache. A truly cinematic album, the full spine chilling effect is only achieved when it’s listened to all at once in a dark room while you’re lying down. Each song on it’s own is a work of art but when combined, you can fully realize the sheer talent that this band has. Plus getting all these huge star to sing with him? This album is worth the purchase and the half an hour it takes to get the full effect.


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